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Search Engines

Solid alternatives to Google.

  • Brave Search →

    A new search engine from the people behind the Brave browser.

  • DuckDuckGo →

    DuckDuckGo has become a leading alternative to Google: their traffic increased by 46% in 2021.

  • Ecosia →

    Search that combines privacy with a focus on planting trees.

  • Mojeek →

    Independent privacy-focused search.

  • Startpage →

    Startpage act as an intermediary to Google results, helping to protect your privacy.

  • Kagi →

    Subscriber-funded, ad-free, privacy-focused search with some nice features to give users some control over the results.

  • Zoho →

    A wide range of tools for businesses with a commitment to privacy (note that data is shared with third-parties).