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Want to let the world know that you’re working to reduce your business’ reliance on Facebook, Google, other big tech or marketing techniques that fuel surveillance capitalism? A Below Radar badge is a good place to start.

Screenshots of the Below Radar badges.

These are perfect for a website or newsletter footer, or a blog post where you describe the efforts your business is making. If you add these to your site, you can get listed on Below Radar, too.

There are no strict criteria here. If you’re Facebook, Google, Instagram, WhatsApp and surveillance capitalism-free, that’s great! If not, but your business is making a genuine effort to reduce your reliance on these things, that’s cool, too.

These badges serve several purposes:

  • Spread the word about the movement

  • Give you an opportunity to highlight the efforts you’re doing

  • Raise awareness for clients/customers/users about what happens on the web

  • Challenge the narrative that businesses are dependent on Big Tech

Get badged!

There are three badges that can highlight your business’ involvement in Below Radar or a specific technique you’re avoiding:

  • Below Radar logo (black and white)

  • We Don’t Track You (colour, black and white)

  • No Spy Pixels (colour, black and white)

All available as PNGs and SVGs.

They’re perfect for website and email footers.