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There are so many high quality privacy-focused analytics available – there’s never been a better time to switch from Google Analytics.

  • Fathom →


    Leading privacy-focused analytics with features like automatic EU traffic routing, event tracking and uptime monitoring.

  • Matomo →


    Matomo offers analytics that lets site owners protect user privacy and turn on more invasive marketing features (such as session recording) in a granular way.

  • Plausible →


    Plausible offer EU-hosted open source privacy-focused analytics with features like event-tracking and team sharing.

  • Privacy-focused analytics overview →

    A list of privacy-focused analytics – a useful overview to quickly compare and contrast a very basic set of features across this space.

  • Umami →

    Open source, self-hosted analytics.

  • Simple Analytics →

    EU-based analytics featuring teams and a neat Tweet referral viewer.

  • Cabin →

    Privacy-focused analytics that also tracks your website’s CO2.